‘Paid’ or ‘Organic’…? The real question

I’d assume your wondering what I mean by ‘paid‘ and ‘organic‘…… but when it comes to SEO and trusting what comes up on your search page can you really know what the better website is?

SEO, also known as ‘organic results‘  are determined by algorithms and are based on the merits of each site. 


SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ it is basically (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) any search engine the facilitates the process of obtaining relevant and applicable websites for uses. Such engines will search for keywords or characters mentioned by the user and use this in order to search the database for relevant links and finally provide the more appropriate websites – generally saving us lot of time and ensuring us ease. This method does however put a lot of pressure on websites to ensure they remain relevant, up-to-date and continue to adapt to trends and evolution.

I myself, like a majority of internet users who won’t go past the first five listings on a search engine results page and who most definitely don’t scroll past the second page when considering what website to choose from, make it excessively competitive for the remaining search result pages to have any online presence or visibility. I mean evidently, once a search engine result grabs our attention, the logical next step for us users is to click through the website to get additional information and take on same kind of action – such as making a purchase, getting information or linking to friends etc.(LeverageMarketing, 2018).


With statistics like these its much easier to comprehend why companies put in so much time and effort into paid advertising. Sometimes it may seem like the only way to reach out.

So what are the advantages of paid advertising?


An Article written by Adam Meikle states that there are 4 benefits, these include;

  1. Fast results
  2. Ads are affordable and measurable
  3. More specific and granular targeting
  4. and the ability to broadcast messages across a number of platforms

So you’re probably wondering which method is the best?

Funnily, enough both are good and both are advantageous and it is even more beneficial for a company to run both simultaneously to ensure faster and better results. Below is a graph that indicates how paid-organic integrated campaigns work!

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 11.16.08 AM

So at the end of the day it really comes down to the company and the type of results their after. Knowing whats best for the company and the customer and knowing how to do so, will only induce a more effective overall marketing strategy that can only guarantee excellent outcomes!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! Please leave a comment! 🙂






6 thoughts on “‘Paid’ or ‘Organic’…? The real question

  1. Hey

    I really enjoyed your blog but wanted to know what your thoughts were on the future of SEO. How do you think this area of marketing will grow and develop?
    I also wanted to know if you think it will ever overtake more traditional methods of advertising such as radio, TV, etc?

    – Chloe


    1. Hey Chloe,

      Thanks for the comment!

      I do think SEO and paid advertising on the internet is definitely the way of the future as we as viewers and users are constantly on our phones and using the internet and so I do think traditional means such as radio, tv and paper will soon be obsolete. We are constantly being surrounded by advertising and its becoming harder for companies to communicate and reach out to us as its a much more competitive environment nowadays. paid advertising despite it being costly and somewhat considered a ‘cheat’ ensures direct exposure to the right customers.

      Thanks again 🙂


  2. Hi,
    Very engaging blog; I like how you elaborated the way in which paid advertising can be advantageous in modern day companies. However, I would’ve liked to know a bit more on the disadvantages of paid advertising in the form of SEO’s in order to come to a conclusion on how it is effecting organisations both small and large in different ways. Do you believe it is the new meta in advertising, if so how will the effect other conventional methods? will the growth of this space incur a loss in other spaces?

    – Suleman


    1. Hey Sully!

      Thanks for the comment. Yes I do agree with what you said that SEO and digital advertising is the way of the future and that it will take over conventional methods that even now are slowly dying. TV and Radio ads are exceptional expensive and majority of the time don’t even resonate well with us, nor influence us. The fact that we as humans can passively ignore content so easily and be selective in what we choose to absorb has made the world of advertising increasingly difficult for companies nowadays. So yes in reply to your question, the growth of digital will incur loss in other means yes.

      Thanks again!


  3. Very informative blog you’ve written that’s got me thinking, if I was making a website for my business which method of Search Marketing would I prefer? I would honestly, hands down, take the SEO approach with using keywords in the title and designing high quality web pages. The reason is because, as you’ve said, in the long-term SEO is more beneficial than PPC as you are not constantly having to renew your advertisement. There is also a stigma attatched to advertised links on search engines of being uninformative and ‘inorganic’. Myself, as a user, preferably stary away from advertised links as I know with Google’s current algorithm favours web-pages with higher quality content more. SEO is also considerably cheaper especially for start-up companies.
    However Google’s algorithm is constantly changing as this requires constant updates to your webpages so they are not disadvantaged by the new algorithm. I’d like to know your thoughts as to what method you’d use if you were only allowed to choose one.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Like you, if I was to only choose a method I think id be more likely to use the SEO approach as it more organic and ensures an increase in traffic and in relation to key words it means i’d constantly be needing to update and remain informed of trends but this would benefit me in reaching out to the right people. Furthermore, its much more cost effective, in comparison to PPC and ensures results without having to pay. Finally, SEO guarantees brand awareness if ranked in the top positions and therefore safeguards the business as being more trustworthy and useful.

    Thanks again!


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